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hey guys just to let you know if you remember the gallery bug where you couldn't upload your art into the right folder so we had to use the featured folder and have me work my butt off puting them in the right foldersT_T  well it should be fixed up now SO PUT YOUR ART IN THE RIGHT FOLDERS!!!!!~

also i would just like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR from :iconpoke-poke-fans: ^w<
hey guys :iconcaird56: here with a contest the contest is to design a new avatar for the group cause this one is just boring if you wanna enter comment below and i'll put you in this list

people who are entering:
:icon1pikapi1: :iconshadow-n-light: :iconredberrykat: :iconlucarioshirona: :iconxcurseoffallenonesx:

the prizes are
1: have their entry as the new group avatar and 5:points:
2: become a contributor and 5:points:
3: become a contributor and 3 :points:
(i've only 13 :points: if your wondering why it's so low so if you give me points and i will gladly raise this )

anyone can enter
invite at least 3 people to the group and comment them below (optional)
it has to be based of pokemon (duh)
no copying
and have fun

so good luck everyone

also the closing date it Christmas: date: January 1st 2015
hello everyone how are you today any way i'm gonna get straight to the point why i'm here:
so i'm making a new comic called: time of your life as a pikachu (TYLP for short) and anyway i have 3 contests for it. note that you can do as may as you like

1. ash's design
OK so this is the first one basically it's as simple as it sounds all you have to do is come up with a new design for ash and basically thats it.
rules: 1. it has to be completely your own design you can take things like the colour pallets from his old designs but it can't be the same.
2. you have to include the bag,hat,shoes,ect
3. it can be traditional or digital it don't matter
4. can't be too complicated i need to draw it remember.
so thats all for the first one good luck and have fun

2. team rockets new motto
Don't ever (EVER) want to hear there motto again well its you chance to make up a new one for them (as long as it includes wobffett (he's awesome)) so yeah i really don't wanna write or hear their motto again so i want a new one for my comic so just make a new one from me (if you don't wanna be stuck with their motto forever)
rules:1. can't be the sinnoh one cause that's getting annoying for me too + its not original everything here has to be you own.
2. you can take things from songs as long as its not a whole song
3. it has to be short and snappy and will get stuck in your head (like the original did)
4. must muST MUST include wobffett and meowth (mostly wobeffett is the must)
so good luck on this one and have fun characters
looking for around 8 FC's so if you want you PKMN trainer to be a character tell me and i'll do a raffle draw so comment basically and all you have to do is put the name of you character and i will write you name down and put it in a hat/box/whatever i use and when the raffle day comes i will tell you if your character has been picked
rules:1. you can enter more than one character but only one character per person will be allowed in the comic for example: i enter my two characters solana and glacier first glacier gets picked she will be in the comic and then if solana gets picked out she can't be in it because glacier has alreadly been picked
2. please don't complain if your character doesn't get picked i've had to deal with this kinda thing before on scratch on sonic high i picked too many characters and everone was complaining so please don't complain

anyway all the closing dates are 3 of 31st agust 2014
so hope you enter and if you wanna find out more about the comic  click here WARNING: terrible team rocket joke

plz enter
Hi Deviantart, and especially :iconcaird56:, i wanted to thank you for this chance.
And im a better person now, i respect now really every girl with ash.
Meaning that i fave ash x misty from this day on too, if that makes my friends happy ^^
But if you can accept im not a huge Ash x misty fan, that would be nice.
But what can i say? im much kinder and not so much impatient now, i learned to wait and dont bite.
Sadly the people which banned me still ban me... even if changed my opinions on pokeshipping... and my character too.

Sadly i cant full change me, cause it would mean i cheated on myself. I am what i am.
I really try to be respectful and niece but if you say im a pervert, freak or something else, dont watch me.


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